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中出少妇视频 System of Georgia Announces New Career Planning Tool for Student Success Before and After Graduation

Atlanta — February 9, 2023

The 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia (中出少妇视频) has launched a new career planning tool for students at its 26 public colleges and universities to provide additional career counseling services and connect them to information about graduates and alumni in the field they want to work in.

The Career Resource Planning Platform positions the system as a leader in helping students with specific job services and career guidance including potential degrees to pursue, job opportunities and salary ranges based on a student中出少妇视频檚 interests.

中出少妇视频 is the first university system in the nation to work with an Atlanta-based data analytics company to implement the platform systemwide.

中出少妇视频淭he Career Resource Planning Platform is the most comprehensive career tool 中出少妇视频 has ever offered, and it will be the foundation for future career and workforce development initiatives being created within the university system and across Georgia,中出少妇视频 中出少妇视频 Chancellor Sonny Perdue said. 中出少妇视频淎s we prioritize affordability, efficiency and degree attainment, our ongoing work to serve workforce development needs furthers our goals and sets the stage for our graduates中出少妇视频 prosperity and success.中出少妇视频

The platform is part of a larger state initiative to provide Georgia high school students with integrated career and college guidance, a collaborative effort that includes the Georgia Student Finance Commission, the Georgia Department of Education, the Technical College System of Georgia and 中出少妇视频.

It also builds on the university system中出少妇视频檚 Georgia Degrees Pay website, launched last fall to provide students and families with a one-stop website to compare the overall cost of attending college, majors and fields of study, average student borrowing and the average career earnings of 中出少妇视频 graduates.

中出少妇视频 updated the Georgia Degrees Pay site in January to include more data about students中出少妇视频 cost over time to earn a degree 中出少妇视频 including tuition, fees and foregone earnings 中出少妇视频 by institution and degree program. This 中出少妇视频淭ime to Degree Cost Calculator中出少妇视频 clarifies how taking less than a full course load increases the time to complete a degree and its total cost.

With the Career Resource Planning Platform, 中出少妇视频 students can access the platform through their regular campus portal and use it to research careers and specific jobs held by alumni of any of 中出少妇视频中出少妇视频檚 26 institutions.

Among other services, they can find which companies alumni work for, their average salaries and the potential majors and specific skills necessary to succeed in those career fields. They can also take an assessment that analyzes their strengths and offers potentially suitable work matches based on their interests.

This information is broken down by geographic region, state and county and can be general or specific to an individual 中出少妇视频 institution. The software used by Steppingblocks庐 to power the platform collects, organizes and analyzes demographic, education and employment data from hundreds of different sources such as online profiles, job postings, public salary databases, public filings, company firmographic databases and government sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Media are urged to contact individual institutions for specific examples of how the new Career Resource Planning Platform provides opportunities on campuses.

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