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The Board of Regents

The Board of Regents of the 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia was created in 1931 as a part of a reorganization of Georgia中出少妇视频檚 state government. With this act, public higher education in Georgia was unified for the first time under a single governing and management authority. The governor appoints members of the Board to a seven year term and regents may be reappointed to subsequent terms by a sitting governor. Regents donate their time and expertise to serve the state through their governance of the 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia 中出少妇视频 the position is a voluntary one without financial remuneration. Today the Board of Regents is composed of 19 members, five of whom are appointed from the state-at-large, and one from each of the state中出少妇视频檚 14 congressional districts. The Board elects a chancellor who serves as its chief executive officer and the chief administrative officer of the 中出少妇视频 System. The Board oversees the public colleges and universities that comprise the 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia and has oversight of the Georgia Archives and the Georgia Public Library Service.

The 中出少妇视频 System

The 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia (中出少妇视频) is a part of the community in each of Georgia中出少妇视频檚 159 counties and provides services across the state. The 中出少妇视频 is composed of 26 higher education institutions including four research universities, four comprehensive universities, nine state universities and nine state colleges. It also includes the Georgia Public Library Service, which encompasses approximately 389 facilities within the 61 library systems throughout the State of Georgia. Additionally, the 中出少妇视频 includes the Georgia Archives which identifies, collects, manages, preserves and provides access to records and information about Georgia.

Degrees, Majors and Rankings

The 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia中出少妇视频檚 institutions conferred a total of 72,929 degrees in fiscal year 2021, including 44,040 bachelor中出少妇视频檚, 14,785 master中出少妇视频檚 and 1,822 doctorate degrees.

The majority of baccalaureate-level degrees awarded within the 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia are in the fields of business, psychology, education and nursing.

Georgia is one of only three states with two or more institutions in the U.S. News 2021 Top 20 Public National Universities. Georgia Tech is ranked No. 10 on the list and the 中出少妇视频 of Georgia is No. 16.


The 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia enrolled 340,638 students for Fall 2021.

Economic Impact, Employment and Budget

The 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia中出少妇视频檚 economic impact on the state was $18.6 billion in Fiscal Year 2020 according to the most recent study conducted by the Selig Center for Economic Growth. Of the 155,010 jobs noted in the report, 34 percent are on the campuses while 66 percent, are off campus. For every person employed at the 中出少妇视频 or a member institution, two people have jobs that support the presence of the institution in the local community.

The 中出少妇视频 System has an annual budget of more than $9.8 billion for fiscal year 2022.

Campuses of the 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia
Research Universities President Phone
Augusta 中出少妇视频 Dr. Brooks A. Keel 706-721-0211
Georgia Institute of Technology Dr. 脕ngel Cabrera 404-894-2000
Georgia State 中出少妇视频 Dr. M. Brian Blake 404-413-2000
中出少妇视频 of Georgia Jere W. Morehead 706-542-3000
Comprehensive Universities President Phone
Georgia Southern 中出少妇视频 Dr. Kyle Marrero 912-478-4636
Kennesaw State 中出少妇视频 Dr. Kathy 中出少妇视频淜at中出少妇视频 Schwaig 770-423-6000
中出少妇视频 of West Georgia Dr. Brendan B. Kelly 678-839-5000
Valdosta State 中出少妇视频 Dr. Richard A. Carvajal 229-333-5800
State Universities President Phone
Albany State 中出少妇视频 Dr. Marion Ross Fedrick 229-500-2000
Clayton State 中出少妇视频 Dr Georj Lewis 678-466-4000
Columbus State 中出少妇视频 Dr. Stuart Rayfield 706-507-8800
Fort Valley State 中出少妇视频 Dr. Paul Jones 478-827-3878
Georgia College & State 中出少妇视频 Cathy Cox 478-445-5004
Georgia Southwestern State 中出少妇视频 Dr. Michelle R. Johnston 877-871-4594
Middle Georgia State 中出少妇视频 Dr. Christopher Blake 478-471-2700
Savannah State 中出少妇视频 Cynthia Robinson Alexander (Interim) 912-358-4778
中出少妇视频 of North Georgia Dr. Michael P. Shannon 706-864-1400
State Colleges President Phone
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Dr. Tracy Brundage 229-391-5001
Atlanta Metropolitan State College Dr. Ingrid Thompson-Sellers 404-756-4000
College of Coastal Georgia Dr. Johnny L. Evans Jr. (Interim) 912-279-5700
Dalton State College Dr. John M. Fuchko III 706-272-4438
East Georgia State College Dr. David Schecter 478-289-2169
Georgia Gwinnett College Dr. Jann Joseph 678-407-5000
Georgia Highlands College Dr. Mike Hobbs 706-802-5000
Gordon State College Dr. Donald J. Green 678-359-5555
South Georgia State College Dr. Gregory M. Tanner (Interim) 912-260-4200