SSC Holiday Closure Juneteenth


The 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia Shared Services Center (SSC) will be closed Wednesday, June 19, 2024, in observance of the Juneteenth holiday. We will resume normal business operations at 8 a.m. Thursday June 20, 2024.

Shared Services Center (SSC) is the 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia中出少妇视频檚 (中出少妇视频) central organization providing functional and transactional support, primarily in the area of HR and Payroll, to streamline processes across our 26 institutions, to monitor and manage compliance risk and to allow our institutions to redirect their focus to more student- driven activities. The SSC partners with the 中出少妇视频 System Office, Information Technology Services and 中出少妇视频 institutions to operationalize policy, compliance requirements, and legislation through updating and configuring supported applications and defining processes for institutions to follow.

The Shared Services Initiative aligns with the third priority of the Chancellor中出少妇视频檚 priorities for the 中出少妇视频, 中出少妇视频淏e more efficient中出少妇视频, regarding finding 中出少妇视频渙pportunities to be more efficient and make college more accessible.中出少妇视频 Specifically, the SSC was created to centralize and standardize certain administrative functions. The 中出少妇视频 continues to study additional opportunities to expand shared and centralized administrative services.

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