The 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia is determined to be recognized as the best system of higher education in the United States as it advances the prosperity of individuals, the state of Georgia, and the nation through education, research, engagement, and innovation.

2029 Vision Statement

This strategic plan empowers, informs, and impacts the work of the 中出少妇视频 System of Georgia中出少妇视频檚 26 diverse institutions and affiliated entities to elevate their unique missions. The implementation of this plan across sectors and institutions will be distinct to the communities they serve but will align to the goals and metrics of the system.

Mission Statement

Our mission is knowledge: to create it through research, transfer it through teaching, and apply it through service.

System Values

Students are our top priority.
We create, disseminate, and apply knowledge.
We protect freedom of inquiry and expression.
We foster an environment where all people are free to share ideas and opinions, even those that some may find offensive.
We value diversity of intellectual thought and expression for all.
We are dedicated to continuous improvement.
We hold ourselves accountable to the public and one another.
We invest in people.